Office of Corporate Relations

The Office of Corporate Relations at Syracuse University exists to support high-value corporate relations and strategic partnerships toward mutual and sustainable value creation. We exist as a centralized University-wide point-of-contact to support internal and external partnership development. We seek to define and evolve trust-based relationships of consequence which align your business goals (and ours) at all times.

Corporate-University Bridge

The SU Office of Corporate Relations is unusual among universities in its business bench strength, integration of industry-relevant functions and wide, entrepreneurial latitude for making good things happen. We have a track record of helping our corporate partners transform their businesses.

Companies want to partner with universities that provide strategic benefits such as future employees, sponsored research, new technologies, scientific consultants, employee training, executive education, economic development and joint university-company proposals for federal funding. SU is quite good at all these things. We have to be. We know that we’re competing against other universities just as our partners compete against other companies. You have only so many dollars in your budget and hours in your day.

Joint Funding Partnerships

As federal sources of research funding have shrunk, more federal funding agencies now expressly seek university-industry research partnerships. This is a logical combination of skillsets: universities are good at federal grant writing and scientific research; companies are good at engineering/development and commercialization. Big benefits accrue to both parties and society. Let’s be sure to talk about this when you call.

Top Management and Institutional Support

Our Chancellor, Kent Syverud, is committed to SU’s corporate partners. He knows that universities that are best at managing comprehensive university-industry relations will excel overall in the years ahead. He therefore encourages SU toward broad, interdisciplinary teams of researchers, not just one or two scientists on an isolated project. He also encourages academic units, research centers, and offices on campus that interact with corporations to collaborate with each other to maximize our value proposition.

Single Point of Contact

Universities are complex entities and companies want a single point of contact to guide and accelerate them to campus resources relevant to their needs. We know how to navigate and can facilitate access to the entire university. We’ll be glad to assist you.