Corporate Testimonials

“JPMorgan Chase continues to have great success with the students hired from Whitman School of Management. Whitman students bring theoretical knowledge with the practical applications to get things done at the firm. This combination allows them to add value quickly and do extremely well during our entry programs.”

Nadege Oluikpe
HUB Project Manager Intern/Work Experience
Corporate Development Program

“We have approximately 500 current GE employees that are SU alumni with 20-25 percent from Whitman! Our core values, corporate culture, and focus on continued learning align well with Whitman graduates who embark on leadership programs as a great starting point for their career. As a global company with opportunities in a wide range of business industries including financial services, healthcare, energy, aviation, transportation, and appliances/lighting, Whitman students are able to match functional career interests into industry segments.”

Leslie Wallace
Manager, University Relations
General Electric

“I think what sets Whitman students apart from their peers is the experiences that they’ve had. A lot of times they’ve had great internships, and we also look for the leadership that they bring and the club involvement.”

Margaret Jones
BAE Systems

“The MBA program gave me the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge through interactions with alumni, students and experienced professors. As a result I gained a competitive edge when applying to multinational companies. What made my experience at Whitman memorable was the atmosphere that fosters sharing and celebrating diversity through multiple cultural activities and events, bringing faculty and students closer together.”

Lara Marto G’12
Assistant Brand Manager, Nestle, Dubai