Why SU?

Why is Syracuse University your best choice for a business partner?

We think like you do, about business models, market needs, competitive advantage, ROI and deadlines.

Universities have a variety of stakeholders, including the commercial marketplace. We prepare students to add value to their employers. We advance science and create technology tools for social and commercial benefit. We consider it a great SU success when we collaborate with business leaders to help transform an industry.

We have unique intellectual and physical resources to share with you.

We understand the needs and pace of business. SU's subject matter experts are renowned for their expertise in a diversity of disciplines. With a focus on partnership, scholarship, and interdisciplinary research and education, SU is uniquely situated to be a high-value business partner.

We have a history of innovation.

For many years our corporate partners have contributed to and benefited from SU technical support and innovations. Together we’ve enhanced the competitive positions of our partners and SU with projects ranging from the simple to more challenging projects creating new technology. We help our partners create and capture business value with right-sized and placed solutions ranging from research, engineering, and academic and business expertise.

We welcome the challenges of doing really worthwhile things.

We look forward to working with you on new collaborations.