Affiliate Programs

These Affiliate programs are designed in order to facilitate and promote university-industry interaction. These programs help in knowledge and technology transfer to impact and solve problems in the marketplace. Industry partners provide valuable input, data, and context for research being undertaken at the university. Typically Affiliate programs are set up around departmental programs, institutes and centers, and/or topics of interest. Such programs are supported by annual membership fees.

SU Affiliate programs:

  • Promote university-industry interaction
  • Supported by annual membership fees
  • Provide coordinated access to research programs and faculty for industry members
  • Members get invited to key events and annual meetings
Typical benefits to members of Affiliate programs include:
Coordinated access to research programs, faculty and students
  • Invitation to key events, such as student poster sessions, including an annual meeting
  • Industry input for research emphasis
  • Graduate student recruiting
The structure, content and mechanism of the Affiliates programs varies from program to program to best fit the needs of the topic and the members. To learn more about a given program, call 315.443.1215 or email Katherine Alexander.