Spinout Companies

For some time now, universities have recognized that an equally effective form of tech transfer is to embed intellectual property into a spinout company focused on commercialization. This provides entrepreneurial opportunities for willing faculty and students, creates other jobs in the region—particularly for management roles—and makes ongoing research and IP refinements straightforward.  The Office of Corporate Relations therefore encourages and supports SU spinout companies and invites entrepreneurs who would like to be a part of an SU spinout to contact us.

GoalsFor Spinouts Goals

The overarching goal is to enhance the entrepreneurial culture of SU’s faculty, grad researchers and staff members, helping them to commercialize SU’s intellectual property through the creation of dedicated and profitable spinout companies whenever appropriate.

Building Spinout TeamsFor Spinouts Building Teams

Once a technology emerges from the controlled environment of the lab into the chaotic marketplace, a wide variety of additional skills are needed for success.Building the right team with appropriate expertise, shared vision and risk tolerance is crucial. With its broad networks of entrepreneurial talent, SBDI can help spinout founders build such teams.

Funding For SpinoutsFor Spinouts Other Resources

Entrepreneurs are often amazed at how many resources are available to them at SU and around Central New York. It’s a truly helpful culture, so don’t be bashful.