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Innovation lives in 30 different research centers across campus. Exciting developments are taking place in hard sciences like environmental and energy systems, biomaterials, and computer security and soft sciences like human policy and global affairs. Contact us to help you find the expertise you need.


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  • The Syracuse Biomaterials Institute (SBI) is an interdisciplinary institute focused on research in biomaterials, smart medical devices, and biological/tissue-engineered constructs. SBI researchers are engaged in fundamental studies of the biochemical and physical processes controlling cell functions for the development of new technologies for biomedical applications with emphasis on medical implants spanning cardiovascular, neurological, and orthopedic systems.
  • Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) is the first institute of its kind in the nation. The IVMF leverages the intellectual, programmatic and human capital resources of higher education in support of the post-service lives of the nation’s veterans and military families. The IVMF focuses on developing impactful programming, cultivating actionable research, conducting policy analysis and providing technical assistance positioned to address the social, economic and public policy challenges facing the veterans’ community.
  • Center for Advanced Systems & Engineering (CASE), The mission of the CASE Center is to be a key contributor to the high-technology economy of New York State by making available the intellectual (and other) resources of Syracuse University and collaborating with New York State businesses and economic development organizations.
  • Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems (CoE), The Center of Excellence brings together a dynamic group of world-class participants including universities, research partners, corporations and economic development groups. All the participants are collaborating to develop new technologies, solutions, and applications that improve human health and productivity in built and urban environments.

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