Corporate Partnerships

SU’s Office of Corporate Relations serves as the single focal point of contact for all needs of our corporate partners and facilitates the necessary internal key connections on campus and helps to maximize the benefits to the corporate partner. Corporate partners can engage with our faculty, our researchers, and our students with the expert assistance of Corporate Relations staff.

The Continuum of University-Industry Partnerships

The several levels of industry engagement with SU are depicted in the figure below – adapted from Hewlett Packard’s model “Partnership Continuum.” As shown, engagements can start out small and grow into broader, strategic partnerships.

Partnership Success

University-Industry partnerships can have a powerful, and positive impact for all stakeholders. Syracuse University has built dozens of successful partnerships and is always looking to enlarge them and add more.


Graphic: "Partnership Continuum"

Next Steps

You don’t need a fully-formed idea to start talking with us. Let’s discuss the possibilities together to find just the right opportunities.

Successes generally produce partner expressions like, “We got much more than we expected” and “We could never have done that ourselves” and “We have an exclusive competitive advantage now.”

You may have SU alumni in your workforce. Their contributions to SU can be substantially increased if your company has a matching gift program.

Affiliate programs are custom-designed to facilitate university-industry interaction. You may want to consider creating one.