Technical Alliances

When business goals require more than a brief sponsored research project, SU offers longer-term technical alliances where company researchers can collaborate with SU faculty on broader or longer development objectives. Rather than just fixing a problem, these alliances can provide meaningful competitive leadership.

To learn more, call 315.443.3567 or email Gary Girzadas.

Research universities have historically partnered with industry to push the frontiers of science, especially into the applied realm to result in products and technologies – to make a difference in the world. Universities provide diversity in research thought and creativity that corporations can benefit from. Such partnerships help universities translate their research into the world. These partnerships also provide a pipeline of talent for industry. These relationships are thus truly synergistic for all parties.

Corporate Partnerships provide a single point of contact to industry and external partners in engaging with the university, its faculty and the many opportunities. The Corporate and Foundation Relations Office helps coordinate amongst the other functional groups within the university and helps to provide programmatic support to the faculty in project initiation as well as in managing the external relationships.